Making Successful Career Change – Without Losing Ground

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Making Successful Career Change – Without Losing Ground

Thinking about making a career shift, but worried that doing this might indicate a slip down the corporate ladder or a massive pay cut? Making Successful Career Change – Without Losing Ground

I recommend job seekers consider the next four measures to make the jump without taking a Enormous hit:

As an instance, if you’re an accountant who has made a decision to enter IT (beginning with the financial software ), your LinkedIn Profile needs to show that, while you have a background in accounting, you are an IT professional.

Launching Your Career Change

While livelihood change with no significant decrease in salary or corporate level is tough, in my experience, it’s definitely achievable.

# 1 – Self-Intventory

Start by conducting an inventory of everything you know and whom you know — because your transferrable skills and community will be crucial to any successful career oriented to a new job or a new business.

Fortunately, whenever you’ve already developed the corporate ladder, you have acquired several hard and soft skills along the way. Very probably several of these skills will be invaluable to your next company.

Fighting to articulate the soft and hard skills you bring to the table?

There Are Lots of choices:

1. For gentle skills crucial to nailing your own personal brand, I suggest checking out Reach 360, The Myers & Briggs Foundation MBTI, or even DISC assessments. While free variations of MBTI and Attain 360 can be found online, to get a deeper dip you might wish to think about consulting a trained facilitator.
2.When it comes to identifying hard abilities , have a look at MyNextMove that pulls data from the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*Net to ascertain interests and abilities that align with work.

Watch Powerful Career Change begins with Self-Assessment for More Information.

# 2 – Exploration

Career paths are seldom linear — so there might be career paths out there which align with your abilities which you never even knew existed!

By way of instance, I had written resumes for many years but never knew it had been possible to do so professionally before I started to do some research as part of my career pivot!

For some ideas, think about these online offerings. It’s possible to choose a MAPP test which also utilizes O*Internet information to identify which tasks may be a fantastic match or require Truity’s complimentary Holland Code Assessment that defines areas of attention according to grouped occupational subjects. For under $6 on Kindle, you might choose to undergo YouMap, a step-by-step procedure to help attain career clarity.

Taking things a step farther, I suggest using downtime to recognize and talk with other people that once held tasks very similar to your own, and that jumped successfully into something different, a.k.a. Informational interviews.

LinkedIn’s searchable”individuals filters” let you search according to previous titles and businesses.

# 3 – Locate and Build a Bridge by Identifying Transferrable Skills

As soon as your self-inventory and mining phases are complete, it’s time to bridge the divide to join your old or present career together with your targeted brand new one.

Consider the hard and soft skills you understood who are natural matches for a livelihood pivot. Skills such as direction, project management or instruction, for example, often revolve across jobs and businesses and may be articulated in discussions as well as your career marketing security (resume, LinkedIn, etc.).

# 4 – Strengthen Your Network

The more powerful your system the higher your odds of identifying urges — people willing to visit the additional mile to produce valuable openings and reevaluate your livelihood change transition.

Expand and strengthen your system by joining a skilled or a volunteer company linked to a new goal, or perhaps alma mater alumni groups.

Your very best choice at averting restarting in the very bottom would be to network greatly in such circles to articulate and promote your transferable skills and newly-defined private brand.

What’s the New Career Worth?

With study, due diligence, a highly effective network and also a persuasive worth statement it’s doubtful you will want to return to square one.

To be able to create a livelihood pivot as swiftly as possible, nevertheless, you might choose to take into account a lateral function having an on-par salary, a marginally more junior role, or perhaps some pro-bono volunteer job which will ask you to burn some midnight oil.

It is very important to see for yourself just how much you’re ready to go by inquiring”what’s this new career values?” While the answer will differ for everybody, some fiscal savings or time blocked off for devoting will go a long way toward encouraging this profession change.

Whatever your answer, don’t forget the drive and determination that helped you achieve career success in the past will serve you well now around — and will probably fast-track your increase throughout your next move! Read MoreĀ 

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