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Waiter job description in Dubai:

If you want to become a waiter in Dubai and you are not sure about where to start from then you are at the exact right place. Choosing a waiter job in Dubai can be a good decision for you if you want to make your career abroad because there are lots of scope for a waiter in Dubai. Waiters are those individuals who have wide aspects and opportunity for working as they can work in a hotel, restaurants, bars as well as in caterers.

There are various types of facilities that you will be able to enjoy as a waiter in Dubai along with your salary. The salary that recruiters of Dubai pay is more like the equivalent to the salary of the western country. Still, so many of the people apply for getting the job in Dubai other than western country because the salary that they pay is tax-free and they can enjoy a lot more salary as compared to another country.

As a waiter the work is easy only if you are enjoying the job like you will have to take the order, serve the customer with the food, you will have to request the customer with seat, provide the customer with the menu and along with these you will also have to greet the customers. If you are doing your work properly then you can have more facilities than what you have initially started with. But you make to work for the longest hour and you may also have to stand for the whole day. The recruiters of Dubai will also provide you with annual leave and you can enjoy many other facilities like accommodations.

Responsibility of waiter in Dubai:

As a waiter, you will have a whole lot of responsibility and the responsibility is associated with the customer. You will have to coordinate with the customer along with the kitchen so that you can provide some of the best facilities to the customers. You will have to be responsible for the beverage and food that the customer is ordering and depending on where you are working, you will have to coordinate with the bartending staff.

There are many duty’s which are very common and most of the waiters have to perform that duty no matter where you are working in Dubai. If any customer wants to know about the menu or the food substitute or their sensitiveness related to any food then you will have to answer about that. Some of the customers may also ask you for suggestions of what they should have for their food and in a situation like this, you will have to suggest some of it.

You will also have to tell the customer if there is any special item for that particular day. You will have to know their taste and suggest food. If there is the customer who is nonalcoholic then also you will have to serve them or even if they wish to have alcoholic beverages still you will have to deliver them. The waiter needs to be capable of resolving any type of complains or dissatisfaction that may arise. You will also have to give the bill to the customer for the further processing of the payment. If they are any dirty dishes then you will have to clean that after and before the customer have a meal.

Requirements for this job in Dubai:

The waiter needs to have those basic and professional requirements such as skills and qualifications so that they can carry any type of waiter job in Dubai. There are some of the skills that the waiter must-have for doing their job as well as applying for the job. So, if anyone had thought that anyone without any skill can apply for a waiter job in Dubai then they may be wrong at this point. The waiter has to deal with the guest and do the communication so having a good communication skill is a must for them.

Along with the communication they also need to be an active listener and must confirm the order of the guest properly. There are some of the local laws related to the consumption of the alcohol so you need to have a good knowledge of federal. There can be a time when you will have to deal with the customer who is consuming alcohol.

You will have to organize so many of the kinds of stuff and you will also need to have a good time management skill if you want to apply for a waiter job in Dubai. This skill is a must because there will be so many of the time when you will have to manage many customers all at once. As I have already mentioned that waiter will have to stand for a longer time as compared to other jobs.

So, the waiter needs to have a lot of physical stamina so that they can stand for much longer long without feeling weakness. The waiter needs to be very responsive because they will have to evaluate and satisfy the customer. Now if you have these requirements then you can apply.

How to Write Cover Letter for waiter job:

Cover Letter is the first impression and impact of the customer so you will have to make it very attractive so that you can be able to get the job. Try to include your every skills and qualification in the Cover Letter for getting the job.

There are many formats of writing the cover letter but the main thing is content so make that content convincing. Here we have mentioned the same of the cover letter which you help will under the procedure in better way.

Today’s date
Recruiters name
Company name
Email I’d

Dear recruiters/manager,
I saw your job vacancy for you need a waiter and I feel really glad to be able to apply for that post. I was a waiter has been working in this field for a very long time so I have gained a whole lot of experience in this field. The manager provides excellent service to the customer because of my works and communication skills so that customer shows a positive response toward the company where I am working because of that.

Through my experience, by working in many of these industries now I know about the ins and outs of that industry. I have a piece of good knowledge with handling as a maximum of the order as I can take as a waiter. One I have also attained 20 tables all by myself and I was given a bonus from the Boss.

All of these skills and experience that I have collected is going to help me with the recruiter’s job in your company. I have attached my resume and much more information about myself, please go through details so that you can rely on me for this job.


Interview questions and answers:

Some of the frequently asked questions along with their answers for the interview as a waiter is given below. Going through questions and answers will prepare you and make you more confident in getting the waiter job in Dubai.

1. Why is your reason for becoming a waiter?

This is one of the most common as priory asked question in no matter which job interview you go; they are going to ask you this. You should at least give two or three answers when they ask you with this question and you will have to be well prepared with this. What you can do is to include those things which are going to help you in becoming a good employee and you can learn so many of the different things.

You can enjoy that moment when you see that your customer is becoming happy because of the service which you are providing to them. Because of this job you get to meet so many of the different reasons to be able to enjoy. This job helps you in developing new skills and you are capable of learning quickly and you ensure to provide the best service to the customer.

2. As waiter what do you feel is your greatest strength?

When the recruiters are asking you with this question then they want you to be very specific with your answer. So, you should be well prepared so that tackle this question because through this question the recruiter wants to know more about you.

You can tell the recruiters about your experience and your skills so that they will know about which thing your excellence is. Applicant have can tell about how the customer feels because of the service that you are providing to the customer. Jobseeker can tell about your attentiveness and how active and energetic you are at your job.

3. In contrast, what do you consider as your greatest weakness?

Try to spend at least time as you can in this question and at the same time you should be honest with this question. Make sure that you do not hide anything while you are answering this question and you are honest with your answer. But at the same time, you should not mention those things which are going to stop you from getting the job as a waiter in Dubai.

You can tell them like your good character and your ambition sometimes act a weakness for you. You can tell them that you like to connect with every customer all at once and this may be affecting you at a certain point of time. Because you want that your customer should be happy and satisfied without prioritizing and slowing at the point where you should slow down.

4. How to elaborate yourself as a waiter from the experience you collected?

This is the easiest interview question that any recruiter may ask the applicants because the recruiter already knows about this still wants you to answer this. But the recruiter is asking you this question because they want to see your confidence and professionalism.

There can be two types of answer to this question one is when you have the experience and the other is when you don’t have the experience. You can tell them that you have been working and loving each as every work that you have done as a waiter.

Everything one needs to know for applying for a waiter job in Dubai:

If you are in Dubai then you can check the newspaper and many other job vacancies through a different medium and submit your application for the job. If you are in Dubai and even if you are not in Dubai then you can apply through the online medium. All you need to do is to create an online portal and an account on that online portal.

For creating the online portal what you need is to submit is your name and email I’d and, in many cases, you don’t even need to do that. After t account, you will have the access to all the job vacancy and its requirements and responsibility. You can check all the job Vacancy and apply for that job which you feel more interested and also apply for that job.

Applicants for the waiter job will have to submit their resume, Cover Letter and some of the documents which represent their skills and knowledge. So, make sure to make those documents look very impressive. Now If the recruiters like you for the job then will contact you through the email medium. The recruiters will inform you about further processing for getting the job and through this process, you will able to get the lead.

Now in many cases, it is also seen that the recruiters ask for the interview with the waiter and if you do good in the interview then they will hire you as a waiter. After getting the job they refer you to getting the work visa because the work visa is compulsory for the foreigner to work in Dubai.

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