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Job description for cook job in Dubai: 

Cook is the type of job in Dubai whose responsibility is preparing food in the restaurant and they also have the responsibility of establishing the dining and it’s establishment. If you are a senior cook in the company then you will also have to supervise the other workers who are working there.

 So due to this reason, Dubai seems to be as one of those prime destinations of tourist and they need food to eat. So if you get a job as a cook then along with getting the salary you can have various other reasons to explore yourself. Some of the biggest and most popular hotels and the restaurants of the world lie in Dubai.

People who are in Dubai or who come to Dubai wants to live with a whole lot of luxury and enjoy the structure and facilities of Dubai. So no matter which place, the individual go for visiting in Dubai, it’s obvious that they will have the good. That is why there is always a vacancy or a demand for a job as a cook in Dubai. Being a cook in Dubai is not like you will have to stay in the kitchen and keep cooking food but you will also have the responsibility for managing everything that is all around you.

Based on where you have applied for the job or where you are working, your salary will also be varying very accordingly. And along with that if you are doing your work properly and have gained the experience or have that taste and variety in your dishes then you will be able to enjoy many other varieties of food.  

Responsibility of cook in Dubai: 

Cook is the cornerstone of hotels and restaurants so you will have a lot of responsibility on your head. Though the core responsibility of yours as a cook will be to make some tasty and delicious food. 

You will have to do proper specification for the client based on what their needs are and prepare the food for them in the according to manner. Different type of guest can have a different type of taste and the guest orders the food in the according to manner so always be prepared for cooking the food after the guest arrives at the restaurant.

You will have to make sure if any client is diet conscious then you will have to add the ingredients in according manner. If the guest has allergies with any specific type of food then you will have to make sure ask them about those things before preparing the food. Every job has the room for the development of the workers work properly in a team and it will be your responsibility as a cook to manage the various workers.

You will have to be very careful with the seasoning of the food and you must make sure that the customer is liking the food. Based on the need of the customer as well as the guest each time you will have to prepare the best food you can. If you are coming up with the new recipe for the company then you will have to make sure to devise it. Make sure that the customer is satisfied with your work and is always willing to come again. You will have to stay open to your hotel or restaurant until the last customer leaves the company.  

Requirements for cook job in Dubai: 


Cook job is something which is entirely based on your skills. So even if you don’t have any qualification for the job then also you will be eligible for applying for the job. All you need to have is perfect skills is cooking the food and making it worth for the customer to come to the hotel which you work again and again.

Having a good knife skill is compulsory for you because at times there will be so many of the guest who would want to taste the food from your hands. At times you will have to manage everything on your own.

A good communication skill is also compulsory because you need to understand the guest so that you can make sure to provide them with what they need. You need to be capable enough to be able to work in a team because it is very obvious that a cook has to coordinate properly with the team and provide the best service to the customer. You will have to stay calm because a cook has to stay in front of the fire for a very long time and it can be tiring.

So many of the times what happens is they may feel stressed. And that stress is reflected in the food that they are preparing for the client. So, make sure to keep that thing in your control. If anything is in shortage or any specific food is demanded by the customer then it is the responsibility of cook to inform it to the manager. Experience is more like compulsory in many of the hotels and restaurants of Dubai as a Cook. But sometimes if you have that thing in your food then experience is not mandatory.  

How to write a cover letter for a cook job in Dubai: 

cover letter

A cover letter is one of the most important parts of the job application for the cook in Dubai. Try to include every skill of you as a cook in your cover letter to impress the recruiter. If you have a good skill in writing your cover letter and you have included everything that is needed by the recruiter then you will be able to get that job. A cover letter is more like the first impression of yours as a cook or whatever you are applying in Dubai. So, make sure to make your cover letter as a cook look attractive in front of the recruiter and I am sure that this sample will help you with that.  

Sample and process of cover letter writing; 



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Email I’d  

Dear Concerned Authority/ sir/ ma’am, 

I am so pleased while applying for this job because I have an immense passion for food and working in a team to deliver the best to the guest. I have taken years of training which has helped to learn so many of the skills which could help me with cooking food. Along with this, it has also been years since I am working as a cook in Dubai so I know what the customer needs. And because of this, I prepare the exact thing that the customer needs.  

I am capable of communicating with the customer to get the exact knowledge about what the customer need. And by using this I will be able to provide the customer with the exact taste and their need. My work very precisely considering the health and hygiene in my mind. So, one thing I am sure about is if someone is coming to your hotel for once then that person will come again and again.  

I am fantastic with the dishes and providing the best service so I will never give you the chance to regret. Applicant is looking forward to your response to work in your team as a cook. I want to show my passion and enthusiasm with my work to you. I want to explain my skills in the interview so please respond to me. And finally, I would like to thank you as an applicant for your time and consideration. 



Interview questions and answers for Cook job:  


It is always a better option to be well prepared before applying for the cooking job in Dubai because you will feel more confident and crack the interview easily. We will help you out with some of the most common questions which are usually asked in the cook interview of Dubai. If you will prepare these questions then you will be able to crack any type of interview as a cook in Dubai. If you focus on these things properly and these questions properly then it will become easier for you to crack the interview. Some of the frequently asked questions and answers for the interview are mentioned below.    

1. How would you handle the complaints that you may get about the food?  

Even though you have many skills in preparing the best food still there are some of the customers who can never get satisfaction. There can be chances when you may mess with some of the ingredients of your food. And you must not deny the fact that no matter who is right among the customer and cook, you as a cook will have to consider the customer right.

And in the meantime, you will have to listen to their complaints and anticipate them by resolving their problem. You should say that you will listen to the customer and resolve the issue through the proper procedure understanding the nature of the complaints. But in the meantime try not to make the situation complex by taking some small complaints seriously. 

2. How will you work with the coworker whom you may not like much?  

This question is very critical and can be that core question whose answer will lead you with the job or for you to lose the job. Your personal feeling or attitude needs to be outside of the kitchen. Your attitude should affect that quality of food that you have your produce of the food that the customer needs from you. One should be able to resolve the problem as easy as they can because it is always better to work in a team.  

3. What can be done for maintaining the safety in Kitchen? 

 In the kitchen, the cook has to work with so many of the dangerous equipment such as knife and fire. And if the cook is not careful then it will affect the cook as well as the company. So, this matter is a very serious thing and a cook should always be concerned about this one. For maintaining safety once can use gloves, wash their hands offer, be very serious and concerned all the time and it is really important to do this. 

4. What will you so in the situation when you have a sort of staff and there is the rush?  

During the time of lunch, dinner and breakfast there is a rush in most of the restaurants and the pressure is on the cook. Sometimes the co-worker of the cook can be in bad health and many types of situation can occur so what will one be able to do. You can say that you can experience doing multi-tasking and you can do things in order and also with perfection. This is a very important part of a cook because this situation often arises.  

How to apply for a cook job in Dubai? 

apply now

Applying for a cook job is very easy if you have the perfect qualification for the job. If you are already in Dubai then it will be very easy for you to apply for a cook job otherwise also you can apply through the online medium. What you need to do is to create an online portal for cook job in various websites then you can upload your information there.

After creating an account, you can have the access to many job vacancies for the cook in Dubai. Now check for the responsibility, details as well as the requirements for the job. If the details match your qualifications and requirements then you can apply for the job. For applying for the job, you will have to submit your CV as well as your details.

Since your CV will be the first impression so try to make it very impressive. If they like you as an application then they will contact you on their own through the email. You can do accordingly for further processing for the job as they say and give the interview properly. After getting the job it will be easier for you to get the work visa of Dubai.  


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