How to Apply for Job in Malta

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How to Apply for Job in Malta

1 – Introduction to Malta

The Maltese Islands
The Maltese dry land lies just about at the centre of the Mediterranean – 93km south of Sicily and 288km north of the African coast. It consists of 3 main islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino over a section of 316sq kilometre and an outline of 196.8km.How to Apply for Job in Malta

Malta is the largest island and also the cultural, business and body centre. Contained inside its’ sunny climate, beaches, thriving nightlife and seven,000 years of intriguing malta history, maybe a leading holidaymaker destination. With a bit facilitate from any vade mecum, charming places of interest are straight off known – the world-famous Hypogeum selected as an area of World Heritage by UN agency, prehistoric temples and grand palaces within the capital Valetta and also the previous silent town of Mdina are however a couple of.

As Mediterranean climate goes, Malta provides a sunny climate with a daily average of around twelve hours sunshine within the summer happening to five to six hours in winter. And annual downfall is low, the height beach season will last till mid- to late October.

How to Apply job in Malta
How to Apply job in Malta

Discover Malta’s History

Everywhere you enter Malta, you’ll notice proof of its wealthy historical past. Temples, catacombs, palaces, cathedrals and forts are a number of the visible proof left by several through the ages as well as the Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Knights of St. John, the French and also the British.

The myriad of civilizations that have swept through Malta, besides its geographical position between a continent and Europe and its fantastic natural deep harbours have contributed to Malta’s distinctive culture.

Through the long-standing relationship between Islanders and also the varied nationalities that occupied Malta over the centuries, has created a wedding of designs and traditions, giving the Islands a desirable eclectic culture.


Malta is far-famed for its cordial reception and contains a consistent population of 423,025 (2018). it’s one amongst the foremost densely inhabited countries within the world, with a density of one,311 persons per sq. kilometer. the common annual increment rate is zero.4%. Malta contains a multi-lingual labour force that’s terribly versatile and pliant.

Birth rate averages ten.24 birth/ one,000 individuals and also the death rate averages eight.96 deaths/ one,000 people. despite the fact that the wealthy history of the islands has caused this population to be AN amalgam of assorted stocks, the Maltese individuals are in the main thought of to be Southern Europeans.

Language & faith
In spite of the varied historical influences, Malta nonheritable a singular cultural identity and language, that have survived centuries of domination. Maltese though the national language. For official and business, English is most well-liked. Besides, nationals being terribly fluent in each, several Maltese also can speak one or additional languages like Italian, French and German.

The Maltese language may be a combination of Semitic and Romantic origin, with the previous having a major influence on its structure. it’s written in Latin characters. The individuals on the islands have various linguistic skills. In fact, English is the second official language of the country.

The predominant faith in Malta is Roman Catholics, but there are many different spiritual communities, as well as non-Christians, World Health Organization have their own place of worship and who will observe their beliefs while not restrictions.

Compulsory education is from the age of five up to the age of sixteen, with the govt. giving a free system of education. Education is obtainable by state colleges, independents colleges and personal schools that embrace Church schools. Transport is provided by most state colleges. each English and Maltese are employed in-state colleges.

The University of Malta is publically funded and receptive all. presently has some eleven,500 students as well as over one,000 international students (450 are visiting students) from ninety two completely different countries, following regular or part-time degree and credential courses, several of them run on the standard or system.

Safety & Services
It is documented that Malta may be a remarkably safe country. The low crime-rate let alone the Mediterranean style and weather; lead to the Maltese having a well-earned name as a friendly nation.

The Maltese Government launched AN integration net portal, wherever foreigners will notice recommendation and helpful info relating to education, work and social services visit

02 – operating in Malta

Getting employment
Considering operating in Malta? whether or not you’re trying to find entry-level work or are advancing your career, Malta has many jobs accessible for expats.

In fact, Malta’s job market is flourishing, and there are thousands of nice job opportunities for hiring currently. state in Malta is among the EU’s lowest – at three.7% as of Gregorian calendar month 2018 – creating it a wonderful place for those wanting to kick-start their career, gain trade expertise or boost the bank balance.

Familiar expat jobs like waiting, pedagogy and tour operators are – after all – accessible, however several of the most effective jobs accessible to expats are in technical school start-ups and international corporations. The city’s endowed heavily in vice, finance and technical school, containing a number of the most effective corporations to figure for in digital.

Our key tips for obtaining employment in Malta as AN expat:

Start early: get your CV on the market long before you permit home. Employers are well accustomed to hiring from outside Malta and can be receptive interviewing by Skype or phone.
Take a stepping-stone job. Considering a regular career in a vice, technical school and finance? nice news: several rising start-ups and international corporations are looking for entry-level talent to nurture: you’re already in demand!
Ask for facilitating. Use any existing contacts you recognize within the city; be a part of expat forums or consult with a specialist native achievement agency
Bring your digital skills. There’s a heavy digital skills shortage here in Malta. If you’re ready to demonstrate technical school skills, data and – ideally – expertise, you’ll straight off be at the front of the pack for jobs in a vice, eCommerce, payments and technology corporations.
Take the leap. Ultimately, fortune favours the brave. You won’t be the primary to maneuver to Malta for work, and it’s tested brightly undefeated for several before you. Dive in and obtain started!

Work Permits
EU and EEA nationals don’t need a piece to allow. Members also can apply for permanent Malta residency upon 5 years of lawfully living in Malta.

For non-EU nationals, the leader should apply for AN employment license. Work permits are issued for specific periods (normally one year) and for specific functions, solely following an unsuccessful arrange to have interaction an acceptable EU/EEA national. In reality, these work permits are solely accessible to a minority of candidates.

Currency & Banks
The official currency in Malta since Gregorian calendar month first 2008 is that the monetary unit. There are a variety of economic Banks in Malta, like Bank of the capital of Malta, HSBC, FIMBank, Banif Bank. The banks are ordinarily open till early afternoon from Monday to Fri, and till noontide on Sabbatum. Some banks/branches work longer hours. Summer and winter gap hours might dissent.

Exchange bureaux at Malta International flying field are open twenty-four hours on a daily basis. International bank cards are widely accepted and foreign currency is well changed. Banks, ATMs and exchange bureaux will be found everywhere the Islands.

Expats living in Malta have a spread of choices obtainable to them once it involves accommodation. Malta’s discipline heritage has provided the country with over its fair proportion of enticing villas and townhouses, however, trendy developments have supplementary each luxury and reasonable choices.

The property will be rented or purchased – although there are some government restrictions on expats shopping for property, notably as second homes. Rental tenants have the selection of personal rentals, managed or shared.

Prices vary greatly captivated with vogue, location and arrangement, particularly:

Location The south of the island is often less costly than the north or central areas. however wherever to measure in Malta? Well…Popular areas like Sliema and St. Julians can inevitably be far more overpriced than landlocked cities.
Style A spanking new lodging with quality furnishings, new appliances and fittings can typically value over an older equivalent sized property, although typically character comes with its own value.
Type several expats in Malta selected to measure in one in every of the numerous lodging blocks on the coast. Families might be selected to measure any landlocked, wherever homes and villas are a lot of ordinarily found.
Health care in Malta is offered through each public and personal hospitals and also the quality of the care services is superb. There are forty-two clinics around Malta with an eleven,100 total men. There are eight Health Centres around Malta that are the hub of public primary attention services.

All EU nationals resident in Malta is eligible without charge medical treatment from state hospitals and health centres, which might be found in most localities. Malta’s reciprocal agreements with a variety of nations whereby guests from those countries are eligible without charge emergency medical treatment at the state hospitals.

Income Tax Malta
In Malta the taxation of associate degree individual’s financial gain is progressive, that’s the upper associate degree individual’s financial gain, the upper the tax s/he pays, beginning at third and rising little by little to thirty-fifth. There are reduced rates of taxes for sure financial gain earners.

05 – Taxes; Rates for Expats
Tax rates in Malta compare favourably to several alternative operating destinations. Lower rates will be a welcome surprise for several inward to figure in Malta.

The following tax bands are applicable for 2018 basis year:
06 – Exploring Malta

Taxes in malta
Taxes in malta

Transportation & Communication
Unless you reside and add constant city or village, driving your own automotive or bike is just about a necessity. transport Buses are frequent however tend to be slow.

Malta lies at a mean 2-3 hours from anyplace in Europe. Being at the centre of the Mediterranean makes catching a flight straightforward and convenient. Air and ocean connections are economical and frequent with an outsized variety of airlines operative to and from the island and a fast-ferry service operating to and from neighbour Sicily (southern Italy) on an everyday basis.

Sports, Nightlife & Events
One will practise quite a type of outside sports all year round. several of the leading hotels in Malta have health and fitness facilities. Not a sports fan? The theatre could be a widespread mode of recreation. Cultural events like Malta Fireworks competition, the Malta Arts competition, Notte Bianca, the Malta festival and the Mediterranean takes place per annum and are getting tradition. festal commemorations also are a time of food, drink and merriment that brings out the Mediterranean roots of the locals.

Expat life in Malta for those that fancy the nightlife, there are a variety of hot spots around the island, be it restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs.

Malta’s capital of Malta has been awarded the distinguished European Capital of Culture title for 2018, a year of events which will raise associate degree already-high bar. Theatre, jazz, arts, festivals and film scenes are all active here in Malta. Plus, as a Catholic country, non-secular festivals are celebrated and enjoyed across the island.

Official languages are Maltese and English, the latter of that is widely spoken. Yet, Malta could be a true commixture pot of cultures, with hospitable communities of expats from all around the world.

The Italian influence is clearly evident in Malta’s food scene. In fact, you’ll realize cuisines from across Europe and worldwide here: a remnant of the island’s multiple rulers, perhaps. native delicacies embrace Pastizzi – a snack pastry, Timpani – a food pie, and Malta’s national dish – rabbit stew. read more 

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